Installation and operation of the prototype at a landfill in Cádiz

Operated for 12 months at the Miramundo-Los Hardales landfill

The prototype installed and operated in Cádiz (Spain) consists of two main equipments: a nitrification bioreactor, fed by landfill leachate, and an anoxic biotrickling filter, fed by the effluent from the nitrification bioreactor and the biogas from the landfill wells.

The main objective of this prototype operation is to gather information for the optimisation of the technology, the search of the technology limits, as well as the definition of advanced control strategies. The prototype will be operated for 12 months in Miramundo-Los Hardales solid waste landfill and then, it will be moved to a municipal solid waste management plant (MSWTP) in Athens (Greece).

The installation of the prototype allow to show the robustness of the proposed technology allowing to obtain a by-product of interest (elemental sulfur) besides reducing of the amount of leachates generated in the landfilling process.

Prototype operation in Athens



The Miramundo-Los Hardales landfill

The Environmental Complex Miramundo-Los Hardales is a municipal solid waste landfill located in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz), which is managed and operated by Bioreciclaje de Cádiz and owned by the public body “Ente Provincial Consorcio Bahía de Cádiz”.

Currently, at the Miramundo-Los Hardales landfill no energy use from biogas is carried out, so the extracted biogas is currently burned completely in a flare. This landfill is made up of a Waste Treatment and Composting Plant and a Controlled Deposit.