Two prototype plants installed in Spain and Greece

During the project, a prototype will be designed, constructed and operated in two different European facilities with different biogas sources in order to validate the technology and to demonstrate its robustness under different conditions.

The results of the operation in both sites will be used to collect valuable information for transferring the technology to other similar facilities. Besides, a mathematical model will be validated (with prototype operation data) to allow the scaling for industrial plants.

Operation of the prototype at Cádiz

First, the prototype has been installed at the Miramundo-Los Hardales landfill located in Cádiz (Spain), where it will be operated for 12 months with the objective of gathering information related to the technology.

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Operation of the Prototype at Athens

The prototype will be moved from Cádiz to a Municipal solid waste management plant (MSWTP) in Athens (Greece), where it will be operated for 12 months more, in order to obtain information about the performance of the Biogasnet technology in another different scenario.

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