Installation of the prototype at a municipal plant in Athens

Operated for 12 months at the Solid Wastes Management Plant of the Attica Region

The prototype, after being operational for 12 months in the Cádiz plant, will be moved to a Municipal solid waste management plant (MSWTP) in Athens (Greece), where it will be operated for 12 months more with the aim to obtain information about the performance of the Biogasnet technology in another different scenario.

In this case, the protype installed in the plant will be expanded with a scrubber to carry out the absorption of ammonium in water, and this water will feed the nitrification bioreactor. In this plant, the ammonium-rich air comes from the composting area and the biogas from an anaerobic digester that treats the organic fraction of the waste.

It is expected that the operation of the Biogasnet prototype will be maintained beyond the project end in the site of the Attica Region in Athens to become a demonstration site of the benefits of the technology and to promote the commercial uptake of the solution.

Prototype operation in Cádiz